Long Tale Games to relaunch Life is Feudal: MMO

Long Tale Games is delighted to announce the relaunch of Life is Feudal: MMO on its own gaming platform LTG Multiverse. We are determined to preserve the staples of the medieval survival simulator and plan to dedicate special care to the support and development of separate versions and variants of the game, including those proposed or developed by the community. The subscription is already available on the website.

The subscription version will be launched as the game’s first variant, eliminating paid boosters and other pay-to-win features to create an equitable playing field for all users. At Long Tale Games, we are dedicated to involving players in the development process, believing that player ideas and passion can make the gaming experience more exciting and engaging.


Life is Feudal: MMO takes players on an epic journey, from being stranded alone to building a community and dominating an empire. With profound crafting mechanics, players can construct towns, castles, and fortresses, form alliances with other players or antagonize enemies, and terraform the world.

Life is Feudal: MMO, previously developed by Bitbox, will be published by Long Tale Games after agreeing upon conditions and issues regarding the game's future. The game will be available and operated by Long Tale Games all around the world. We will collect all relevant questions from the community and answer them during an AMA session, which will be announced soon on social media pages.

We welcome hardcore Life is Feudal: MMO players and those who are excited to explore the medieval realm for the first time to join us in the relaunch. 

Life is Feudal: MMO Press Kit