Life is Feudal: MMO returns to Steam

Exciting news for all Life is Feudal: MMO enthusiasts—on April 18th, the game made its grand return to Steam! This latest version is now unified across a single server for all players. Additionally, every player received a bonus of 7 days of free subscription, while veteran players with the game already in their Steam library were granted an extra 30 days.


In another highly anticipated update, we've lowered the subscription price by 25%. Plus, we’re offering attractive package deals that make long-term subscriptions even more appealing.

The LTG team has also unveiled its development roadmap for the remainder of 2024. Expect new arenas, buildings, an economic overhaul, the introduction of a second map, and the expansion of Life is Feudal: MMO to other well-known platforms—and much more.

LIF Roadmap - English Reference.jpg

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